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Delusion of Grandeur



It was a unanimous decision back in June to sell Pinerolo, but having made that decision, it was also a unanimous vote to look for a replacement.

It didn`t take long.


Harvey and Sue go to Horses in Training Sales at Doncaster.

Harvey buys 3 or 4 horses.

Richard asks Harvey,  “have you bought owt that might suit us guys” ?

“Aye” says Harvey, a 5yo from Ireland.

Richard says “whats it called, I`ll check it out.

“Delusionofgrandeur” says Harvey with a rueful smile

You`ve got to be f****** joking !! …who`s barmy enough to want to call a racehorse that.

But when I checked out Harveys homework, apart from the name, everything read well, and I then accepted we were looking for a racehorse, not a name, so a price was negotiated, members voted, and a deal was done………and three races down the road in our colours, things are looking pretty good.

The form figures for these three races read 2nd, 1st and 3rd, the best of which, despite Delboys win at Carlisle, was his 3rd to Charlie Longsdons well touted Ballydine in the French Furze hurdle at Newcastle on the 28th Nov.

Harvey told us from the outset, ours was destined to be a 3ml chaser, and after the Newcastle race, Danny Cook got off him and said, ” he ran an absolute blinder, hurdling prize money`s a bonus, because I honestly can`t wait to ride him when Sue decides its time for him to go Novice Chasing….he travels so well, and is one serious 3ml chaser in the making.”

A comment which which went down very well with all members present, especially the member from Easingwold who commented,  “another Saturday horse for us then Richard”

Lets hope he`s right.