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Horse Racing Syndicate Yorkshire

McGoldrick horse racing syndicate was established in 2009 by Richard Longley.

Prior to that Richard was lucky enough to own a racehorse called Mister McGoldrick who, history will tell, in his racing career fell just that little bit short of top class. But whatever he may have lacked in ability was more than made up for by him always giving his best, which, together with his never say die attitude, not to mention the superb way he attacked his fences, made him a joy to watch, and why he won the hearts of so many members of the racing public.

Mister McGoldrick was trained by Sue Smith, and consequently Sue has trained most of our syndicate horses over the years.

We are a very small, but dedicated and loyal band of Jump Racing enthusiasts currently totalling ten members.

“Everyone came to love Mister McGoldrick, I’ve got the emails and letters to prove it”

Four is the most number of horses we`ve had, but we would like to buy two young horses to bring us up to FOUR again. If you’d like to join a small, close knit community of racing fans, we love to welcome like-minded new people, so please get in touch for a chat.

Share the fun & split the cost of shares in a racehorse

Owning a racehorse is often considered to be very expensive, but owning a share in a racehorse by joining our racing syndicate will allow you to split cost and share our dream.

The primary purpose of joining a racehorse syndicate is share the fun and experiences of co-ownership of racehorses, without huge costs, and not in order to receive financial return.

If you want to find out more about our small but fun team, then just fill out our enquiry form and we can provide more information.

Mister McGoldrick

Mister McGoldrick has his own dedicated page on the website, where you can read more about him.

Mister McGoldrick - His Big Day!

From August 2000 until December 2011, during his 91 race career, Mister McGoldrick became one of the most popular horses of his time. The public ever increasingly warmed to his style of racing, winning well, yet never going down without a fight in defeat. Then finally, after many near misses, in March 2008, aged eleven and at the twilight stage of his career, he had his well deserved day of glory, by winning the Byrne Group Plate at the Cheltenham NH Racing Festival, the worlds most prestigious National Hunt racing event.

Watch the final stages of this race….a sight which, many years down the road, still takes my breath away, as he powers clear of his rivals to win by 13 lengths.  Then watch the video of Mister G in retirement on his dedicated page.

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