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... shared racehorse ownership at its best ...


…..a tongue in cheek guide to prove that shared Ownership  is best…….

Let’s say that a keen horseracing enthusiast, we`ll call him Dave, decided it was time for him to go out and buy a racehorse for himself.  Something he`d always dreamed of doing.

The story might just go something like this.

After a carefully selected purchase of a young NH horse had been completed for a sum in excess of what he wanted to pay, Dave then began to live the dream of choosing the best Trainer to which his prize purchase would be consigned to spend its racing life, in search of success.

With registration complete, and Racing colours carefully chosen with the wife`s approval, the day soon arrives when his selected Trainer phones to advise Dave`s horse has been declared to run the next day at Hexham.


Dave`s up early next day, and with high expectations, he travels to his favourite Northern track, arrives in good time, proudly collects his first ever Owners badge, and soon, with the “off time” fast approaching , he strolls into the Owners and Trainers parade ring with an air of nonchalance, but inside he`s  as nervous as hell.


DelusionOfGrandeur members jolly boys outing to Musslebrough : Sunday 7th Feb 2016.
 Maybe, in between the seemingly never ending adverts that are part and parcel of ATR`s racing coverage, their  cameras might just focus on Dave for a few seconds,  and his mates would tell him they`d seen him on the telly ….and maybe a priceless interview with Tommo… yes an interview with the legendary Derek Thompson, for him to watch and cherish forever when he gets back home.

No such luck today though Dave, Tommo`s got the crowd eating from the palm of his hand, and is too busy selling raffle tickets to his adoring public, for a £50 free bet provided by the race sponsors.

The jockey then appears from the weighing room sporting Daves shiny new colours. They shake hands, then Dave is told “todays a learning curve, so we`ll lie handy and wait and see what we`ve got in the tank when we come up the hill”

Then it’s the leg up from the Trainers assistant, and Dave`s heart starts to beat a little faster.

After  trawling round the Bookmakers to find the best price at which to lump on, with a now thumping heart the tapes go back and, full of high hopes and expectations, Dave watches as his 5yo gelding investment fails to trouble the judge, and proves to be “very novicey”, eventually running “respectably” but just out of the prize money….damn n blast says Dave !!

After being told by the Trainer that the horse ran “really well”, and would “come on for the race,” disappointed, but bolstered by the Trainers comments, Dave decides its sod the rest of the card, and its homeward bound for him to be greeted by three envelopes on the doormat, and the wife, who has somehow managed to forget to record the race for him.

The first envelope is a bill from the Trainer for a months fees, plus blacksmiths costs, plus equine dentists work.  Next it’s the vets envelope with an invoice well into three figures for various injections, treatments and procedures carried out on a recent routine visit to the Trainers yard.

The third is from that wonderful, dedicated Racing banking establishment Weatherbys, with a statement listing numerous deductions for all kinds of transactions and service charges which have reduced what was thought to be a respectable credit balance beforehand…. but not any more….better pay some more money into the account, to be on the safe side thinks Dave.

A quick calculation from the total amounts of those three invoices just received, prompts a comment from Dave ….this bloody horse had better start winning soon !!

A later calculation done that same evening and a flabergasted Dave realises that if his pride and joy had actually won the race today, after taking away the various compulsory % deductions for Trainer, Jockey, yard staff, office cleaner , binmen and the local postman, the amount left wouldn`t even cover the cost of the trainers invoice, never mind the other two bills.

Welcome to the world of  racehorse ownership Dave !!!

Although the above is somewhat tongue in cheek, many will relate to its content, and agree that, due to the pathetic levels of prize money on offer for middle to lower class racing in the UK, is it any wonder that syndicates have become the most cost effective, sensible and fun way of justifying direct ownership in the sport.

Its NOT being able to AFFORD your own racehorse that matters, its the high expense of outright ownership, set against the pitiful financial returns prize money which make it extremely difficult to JUSTIFY doing so on your own, and admit you`re enjoying it.

I got lucky….BIG STYLE  with Mister McGoldrick…but I also knew the chances of finding another McGoldrick were not good.

And so I decided, on the back of McG`s success, to create McGoldrick Racing (formerly McGoldrick Racing Syndicates)…and now, 6/7 years down the road, I can honestly say, shared ownership is, without any doubt,  just the best craic ever……and I have been fortunate enough to have gathered together the best set of guys anyone involved with horseracing syndicates could ever wish for.

We total nine right now….ten including myself, ALL either working or retired businessmen.

My aim is for TWO or THREE more to reach a sealed limit of  twelve members, which will be a total large enough, yet small enough for me to maintain the close personal touch I do my best to provide.

Members of  McGoldrick Racing are , without exception, guys:

  • Who love Horseracing, especially NH the winter game
  • Irrespective of their personal status, have decided that shared ownership is the best way to enjoy an ownership experience
  • Have their feet firmly planted on the ground and whilst celebrating the successes, accept, and take it on the chin when things do not always go to plan.
  • Enjoy meeting as group, be it at Catterick, Carlisle or Cheltenham.
  • Appreciate the efforts that are made on their behalf throughout the season by McGoldrick Racing to make them feel a 10% ownership share in a horse is as enjoyable as a 100% share.
  • Testimony to the calibre of these guys, and without exception, each has progressed after buying an initial share in one of our horses to buying a further share(s) in a second / third horse with us.
  • Love the stable visits to Sue and Harveys…never a dull moment !!
  • Appreciate the “less is more” approach to membership….our membership is small.
  • Accept there is no intention to out grow and run the risk of losing the camaraderie that already exists

Members are  geographically widespread across England…. York, Leeds, Bradford, Manchester, Cheshire, Durham, Newcastle, Nottingham, Mansfield and Doncaster.

So, for ALL the many guys like Dave out there, who may be contemplating getting involved with racehorse ownership, PLEASE  go to the “Shares and Costs” or “Contact” pages for further information on our horses, THEN,  get in touch with us.   ……YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE DAVE !!

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Mister McGoldrick in Retirement

Just a small snapshot maybe, but just look at the amazing landscape which Mister McGoldrick wakes up to every morning….. and there`s still hundreds more acres of land, which you can`t see !! for “Mac” and his resident mates at New Beginnings to run loose within.

It’s absolutely, totally idyllic, especially on a summers day, and thanks to Pam and Trevor at New Beginnings for looking after “Mac” and all the horses in their care, with such kindness and dedication.

Check them out at