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It was TEN months ago, Feb 9th 2023, at Doncaster, with Romeo Brown, looking all over the winner of a four horse Handicap at Doncaster, when catastrophe occurred.

Approaching the third last fence, two horses locked together when the horse on Romeos outside jumped left  leaving our fella unbalanced and distracted, resulting in him ending up on the ground with a serious leg injury.

His career was in the balance. Unthinkable, but thanks to Matthew  at Aireworth Vets, who was on Doncaster duty for the meeting, together with Sue Smith and her team, after many months of recuperation treatment, with the emphasis on working slowly…very slowly,  the day eventually came, when 10 months and one week after the fall to be precise,  Sue decided Romeo was ready and raring to go, and of all places, Doncaster, where the injury occurred  became the chosen venue on  Saturday 16th December

What we saw was something that was NOT  all about winning, we just wanted to see something promising and reassuring….and we were definitely NOT disappointed

Not fully fit, nevertheless for a long way, it was just like old times as we watched Romeo enjoying himself,  hurdling well and enthusiastically, until the cavalry arrived.

Third race of the season for winner

Fair play to  the 140 rated Pentland Hills 2nd

Third race of the season for the 3rd

Fourth race of the season for the  4th

After such a long absence, there was much to like, and the good news came the following morning, when Sue phoned to say Romeo was bucking and kicking and rolling about in the field, and after hearing that……

it was  just what I felt like doing myself   !!!!

So far so good. Things bode well enough for us to be cautiously optimistic in saying

Our Romeo`s on the way back

Sincere thanks to Sue, her staff, and indeed all my Romeo members, for their patience.

Let`s hope their patience will eventually be further rewarded.


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