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I plead guilty as charged mi lud to my dereliction of duty for not keeping my small but loyal band of members / followers up to date with news of our three horses, Blaster Yeats, Romeo Brown and our yet unraced Northern Phoenix.

So apologies to all, and here we go with an update.

The last 10 months can only be described as horrendous…in fact the worst 12 months since McGoldrick Racing was formed in 2009…no doubt a comment which would also apply to many hundreds of thousands of  other businesses.

The desperate state of the UK and its impossible problem of how best to manage Coronavirus affected every industry in the Country.

However, on June 1st 2020 Racing was reinstated, albeit behind closed doors, and from then onwards, the industry, to its great credit has somehow managed to limp along and help provide a package that has kept ALL concerned happy and in a position to be able to  keep going.

The situation at that time left us with Romeo Brown and Blaster Yeats turned out for the summer, and on the look out with Micky Hammond for a replacement for our beloved and much missed Becky the Thatcher, put to sleep after severe colic.

Whilst it was great to be able to watch racing again on TV we had to accept that our two would not be ready to race until at least the end of September 2020

Lets start with Romeo Brown

Unraced since 9th January 2020, when Romeo finished a disappointing 5th of 6 at Catterick, there were concerns at the time that he may have a breathing problem, but tests were inconclusive.

The enforced Coronavirus situation then became mainly responsible for the delay to Romeos next start until 24th September 2020 when he went to Perth, but, even allowing for the opinions he might “need the race” he was a very disappointing 6th of 11.

From then, until 9th December 2020 Romeo had three more runs, finishing 5th of 14, 9th of 11 and P/U at Hexham.

This was definitely not the horse we knew.

Fortunately, Sean Quinlan was available for this latest ride, and, before weighing in after the race, he came over to me and said…in no uncertain terms, “I told you months ago he needed a wind op..he just pulled himself up after the second last, making a noise that even the jockey alongside him at the time, commented on afterwards. “Don`t wait, just get him done”

To add weight to the most underrated jockey in the Country`s words, Phil Kirby also heard the noise.

Consequently, one week after Seans advice the operation was performed, and Romeo is now back in work, and almost ready for his first fast gallop.   Lets hope we`ll be seeing the REAL Romeo  in action soon.

More to come re Blaster and our latest acquisition.


PS thats me in the featured image, first time ever I`ve been jocked up on the great Mister McGoldrick.



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