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Another good run from Becky at Hexham

Hexham Wed 15th April 2019

Whilst finishing second again, this time to the Skelton yards hotpot, theres no doubting that Becky always does her best, and in doing so, yet again, prompted the "another furlong and we`d have won " comment from those present

Frustrating to some extent yes, but many would wish they had a horse like her.

Even Micky tells me I don`t appreciate how good a horse Becky is.

He`s probably right…I just hate finishing 2nd…simple as that.

What I am sure of though, is that, all being well, there`s plenty more to come from our Becky.

One more race hopefully, before she will be turned out for the summer, with all sorts of options for her next season, even Novice Chasing.

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