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Becky the Thatcher update

“Good morning Richard,

Becky seems fine this morning, and ate up last night. On reflection of the race, it could only have been the holding ground that was to our disadvantage….She didn`t travel or jump as well as she has in the past. Lets get her freshened up and find a suitable race for her in February.”

The above message came to me from Micky Hammond the day after Beckys somewhat disappointing effort at Wetherby last Saturday 13th Jan.  I totally agree with his comments.

Becky is much better than that, and Micky Hammond would go along with that.

The “going” in the middle of the Owners and Trainers parade ring was also “heavy”…and would have been a true reflection of what it was like for the horses on the course.

In the O & T car park, similar conditions were experienced by all, but especially by my Honourable member Andrew from Wilsden who needed a tractor to get him out of the place upon his departure.

Not a lot to say then, other than we will go along with Mickys comments and suggestions above, with a view to finding a race which ticks all the right boxes, both for Beckys chances of winning her next race, as well as Andrews chances of getting out of the racecourse car park unaided !!!

Keep the faith in Becky.



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