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Becky the Thatcher

becky the thatcher

Well, well, well,   I have finally come to terms with the fact that it really happened….it wasn`t a bad dream after all, and it actually was our Becky we were watching in the 4.30 race at Musselburghs last meeting, as she went into the McGoldrick Racing Book of Records for producing the worst ever performance by far, of any of the 18 or so horses that have raced in our colours over the last twelve years.

I find it quite amusing now, but at the time, to have to listen to the Course commentators words…. ” and finally, in last place, but still continuing… somewhere out there is Becky the Thatcher” !!!  was hard to take.

But he was right !!!  After the first half furlong of the race, Becky was at least 10 lengths behind the rest, and it was all downhill from then on as she disappeared from the cameras view, until we were told afterwards she had been pulled up.

I think Micky Hammond to be fair, was just as flabbergasted as all of us were, as he struggled to find any sort of excuse, …other than offering the almost unraceable ground conditions as a possible explanation.

This latest effort was nothing like what Becky is capable of showing us…as the form figures will verify, but when given more suitable underfoot ground conditions, we must find a race for her…and soon, in the hope and belief she will redeem herself, allowing us to put to bed any doubts we may have in our minds after the latest Musselburgh debacle.


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