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Brilliant Becky just loves hurdling

The word from Micky Hammond was he thought Becky would find it difficult to win carrying a weight of 12 st (less jockey allowance) against older, more experienced horses and on ground that was very testing.

I think that was also the Bookmakers assessment of her chances as she opened at 16`s and rapidly drifted to 20`s ….25`s….28`s….and finally 33`s…. totally friendless in the market.

I was also mindful of the task in front of Becky, and after relating trainers comments to my members, became progressively less confident, as, one by one, they were made aware of the perceived difficult task Becky was about to face, resulting in just my “loyalty” bet of £5 ew on her at 28-1.

Others were not so lily livered, and took advantage of best odds guaranteed online, and profited nicely as a result.

But what was about to unfold had nothing to do with SP`s.

Finian O` Toole was given instructions to race midfield and…all being well, slowly make his move down the back straight.

These instructions were carried out to perfection, and as the front horses turned for home, it was clear Becky was going as well as anything as Finn sat motionless, whilst most other horses and jockeys were finding it hard work.

By two out it was a two horse race, Becky against the 9-4 hot favourite Away for Slates.

The Skelton horse….( I love beating Southern based horses) jumped the final hurdle slightly better than Becky, which prompted me to tell myself to be happy to settle for 2nd place, but, Becky was having none of it, and, under a driving finish from both jockeys, Becky collared the Skelton horse in the last 100 yards to win going away.

What followed then was a mixture of disbelief…did that really happen, excitement and happiness.

Micky was still gobsmacked as Fin with the big grin dismounted to well deserved applause then proceeded to tell us what we already new.

“She just loves hurdling,”   “she was a decent horse last season but this was something else! ” ” I just love this horse” were some of the superlatives he came out with.

There are so many good things to take on board about that performance, especially her jumping, her stamina and guts when push came to shove, so it`s not being too ambitious to believe there`s much more to come from Becky.

Well done to all who backed her, especially those guys in my local pub, the Lawnswood Arms in Leeds.

It may take a couple of days for the dust to settle, but after being told by Micky that Becky is well and ate up both last night and this morning, its perhaps time to discuss with our globe trotting trainer, what options are available for her next race.

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