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Cheltenham 2011

becky the thatcher

Some of you have been emailing to ask if Mister McGoldrick will run in the Byrne Group Plate at the Festival meeting, the race which he won in 2008.

The answer is no he won`t be there.

An entry has been made but Sue and I discussed the situation and we agreed to abandon the idea.

For my part it would have been great for him to run, but my reasons for him to go to the Festival would have been based on such things as sentiment and nostalgia whereas the real and proper reasoning for a decision to be made should be based on logic and common sense.

At fourteen, and with nothing to prove to me, Sue or anyone else in the world of NH racing, it would be ill judged to expect him to compete at the highest level against younger horses, many of which were probably not even born when McG won his first hurdle race back in 1999/2000.

No doubt he would go there and give his best, as he always has done, but even though my heart was uncertain, my head, in no uncertain terms was telling me to forget it, and whilst some may disagree, I feel that the decision not to run him will be perceived by the vast majority of McG supporters and national hunt enthusiasts as the right thing to do.

This however is not, as yet, an announcement of his retirement.

The situation is as its been for a long time now, is that McG will let Sue know when he`s ready to hang up his boots, and until then we will keep our eyes open for perhaps another veterans race for him, though It must be said that after yesterdays veteran race at Newbury when another wonderful veteran Erics Charm broke a leg and had to be put down, its not difficult to take the view that maybe sooner, rather than later would be the right decision.

What do you think?  Please add your comments below.

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