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Con te Partiro for Fill the Power…(my thanks to Andrea Bocelli)

No apology from me for the Andrea Bocelli video of his most famous song, Con te Partiro, which all you Italian speaking afficionados will know translates into English as “Time to say Goodbye”

And so indeed it is time to say goodbye to our longest serving horse Fill the Power, who over the years, has given us guys a lot of pleasure, but, at eleven years of age, and for a while now, he`s been trying to tell us he`s had enough of these long distance Chases.

In his work, he`s been keen and enthusiastic, but come race day, it became increasingly obvious, he did not want to be at the races.

So we have accepted the situation, and a new home and environment will be found for our Fill.

Sue is hopeful she will be able to find the best new home and environment for him, and, as we speak, has an interested party who would provide the ideal solution for a new life for him.

More of an appreciation of his efforts will be compiled and put online shortly.

In the meantime, handkerchiefs at the ready, feel free to shed a tear or two,  and enjoy Andrea Bocelli`s video tribute to a damned good racehorse.

Despite my pleas, and typical of the man, he refused any appearance money.

Pity he couldn`t have found time to have a shave though.




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