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Fourteen Years Old and Keen as Ever!

becky the thatcher

Throughout the summer I have received many emails from Mister McGoldricks  legions of followers asking if McG will race again.

As many of you know, after his race at Cheltenham on New Years Day he came back with a slight leg injury. Nothing serious but Sue decided not to risk racing him again too soon, and as there weren`t that many opportunities once the desperate winter conditions had relented, Sue decided to give him plenty of time to fully recover and so he was despatched firstly to the paddocks and then the moors for his summer break.

The decision as to whether or not  McG will race again has never been mine to make. Sue and Harvey adore my horse and quite simply they will be the ones McGoldrick will tell when he decides he`s ready for his pipe and slippers.

The latest word from Craiglands Farm in a conversation on 10th August is that McG has been back in training for 6/7 weeks, he looks an absolute picture,  is just as strong, keen and enthusiastic as ever….the slight injury he carried has gone, and as long as he continues to take everyones breath away by the way he responds to his work…..he still wants to “play out” when the others have cried enough….. we will be looking to race him at Wetherby in a two and a half mile chase around October time.

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