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Romeo Brown  Carlisle Sunday 30th October 2022

We had been keeping an eye on the going for our trip to Carlisle with Romeo, and with only “showers” forecast, the expected soft ground should have been ok.

But, despite forecasts and our expectations, mother nature played a dirty trick on us by deciding to dump tons of water from the heavens on to Carlisle Racecourse…..not just in one burst either…it was one before the first race and another top up for half an hour or so from 2-15 until easing off just before Romeos race at 3-05.

It was not pleasant standing in the parade ring with water to be seen rising from the deep grass and covering the sinking soles of our shoes.

The writing was very much on the wall.

Romeo ran well for a long way, but getting up the Carlisle hill for the second time was always going to be a worry in the prevailing conditions, and when it became obvious there was nothing left in the tank, Thomas Willmott was not hard on him.

The above is meant to offer reasons, NOT excuses as to what happened, so, as jockey and trainer said afterwards….”lets just write it off…he`s much, much better than that.”

All was well the following morning with our Romeo, and subsequently, the handicapper has left us at a 125 rating, so he`ll be out again soon,  on more suitable ground.

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