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Mister McGoldrick in Luxury “Pad”

becky the thatcher
Delighted to be able to say that McG has now moved to his retirement luxury “pad” in North Yorkshire.

Sue drove him there last Sunday morning (19th Feb) and reported back to say she couldn`t be happier with the choice of his new home. Amazing landscapes surround the area of  Yorkshire countryside on 35 acres of land owned by Lord Halifax which has been allocated with the primary aim “to provide a safe and supportive environment for ex racehorses to be re-homed after they have retired from racing.” I am assured by Keith and Pam at “New Beginnings” that McG is fine, and I have arranged to go over to see him in a week or so, once he has had time to adjust to his new way of life. I`m really looking forward to seeing him in his new surroundings, after which I will be updating this website page, providing more information for all those many kind people who have been in touch enquiring after his well being. Please use the “add a comment” link across if  you wish to keep in touch.

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