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It seems ages ago since that dark, dismal afternoon on the 9th February at Doncaster,  when Romeo suffered a nasty fall which has resulted in him having to spend many months on the sidelines.

Since that fateful day, Romeo has been confined to his box under the T L C of Sue Smith and her staff,, in particular Reece, who thinks the world of him.

Frustrating as it has been for everyone involved, the good news is that Romeo will soon be allowed to move, for part of the day anyway, from his “intensive care” box,  to a pen, where he will be very carefully supervised, because, as I`m sure anyone would appreciate,  a horse will react to relative freedom after being let loose after such a long time in confinement.

Sue`s vet has told us, that providing we follow his instructions, Romeo will  become well enough to be turned out for the summer with a few of his mates, in one of Harvey`s back to nature fields, and the road to racecourse fitness proper, should begin around August time.

Thanks for the many emails received from members of the public who have admired Romeos toughness and tenacity with his racing from the front tactics, which has earned my members plenty of prize money, and also betting success for punters who have followed him.

PADDY O`MAHLER update to follow shortly


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