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After a promising first race 3rd at Wetherby, our Paddy suffered a small foot / shoeing problem which delayed his next racecourse appearance for a while

It was frustrating for me because after his extremely promising first race, my SEVEN NEW members were champing at the bit to see him race again, thus when I saw a Bumper …again at Wetherby on the 6th April, I was keen…probably a bit over keen when discussing  the matter with Sue.

However an entry was made, followed by a declaration to run, and so it was Wetherby here we come.

Paddy again ran an absolute blinder to finish 2nd, beaten by a Skelton hotpot that cost a fortune, compared to our Paddys £18k.

Now here`something that should cause someone to call me and buy the last 10% share in Paddy.

Immediately after the race Sue told me how good a run that was, backed up by assistant trainer Joel, and even Harvey had a wry smile on his face.

Sue then told me she would have preferred another week or so, as she thought Paddy might have needed  one or two more gallops.

No wonder then, the three of them were so pleased with the result



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