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It was way back in 2021 … Goffs Sales at Doncaster, when a young lady working there shouted across to her mother..”have you seen that real stunner Harveys just bought.”

The “mother” was actually a member of our Romeo Brown syndicate, who passed on the comment to me.  But, what with Covid etc the whole world changed and sport became dormant for many months.

Fast forward to May 2022, and I decided it was time to look for another horse, and, following the old well trodden route, I asked Harvey to “keep his eye open” for another horse for McGoldrick Racing.

The weeks passed by, but, despite the occasional reminder from me to Harvey, all of which received short shrift, nothing was forthcoming.

Until that is, come the end of August 22, when Sue, on holiday in Spain with Harvey, phoned to say Harvey had found me a horse, and if I was having it, Id better be quick.

A few questions were asked, and the deal was done there and then.

Time then, to start wearing my salesman`s hat and follow up existing enquiries in order to fully syndicate this new horse.

First job was to contact existing members to determine any interest from within, and in doing so, got a big shock / surprise, when I gave details to one member who said, you know what you`ve just done don`t you. ?

errrh ?????

Remember !!. “the Mahler horse Harvey bought at the Sales that my daughter said at the time was a “real stunner”  Well you`ve just gone and bought him.

End of part one with TWO x 10% shares still remaining

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