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When Harvey bought our Mahler horse at Doncaster Goffs back in August `21, he was an unbroken gelding. It soon became clear he was “just a baby” and so it was decided to turn him out on the vast  land owned by Harvey, and there he stayed, along with a few “friends” in a back to nature grazing habitat for the whole of the winter…and some !!

He was brought back into the yard around August `22, broken, and then started on the long and winding road to becoming a racehorse.

A minor injury was a setback which lasted 2 / 3 weeks, before training was able to continue, and the Smiths were aiming for an October start to Paddys racing career.

But it didnt happen in either October or November, and as a result my newly formed syndicate members were beginning to get concerned, and yours truly had the job of re assuring them.

Sue Smith was aware of the situation, and I recall getting somewhat crochety  with her about the delay

Her response was on the lines of …Richard, not all horses are the same. Some trainers will race their horses to appease their owners, knowing theyre not fully race fit. Horses that need time here, will get time here, and they will let us know when they`re ready, because here, the horse always comes first.

I think our Paddy`s long awaited first race at Wetherby is testimony to that philosophy, and without the buffeting he got in the early stages, with the jockey trying to reach a place midfield, who knows !!!

It was clear for all to see, Paddy O`Mahler has got a bright future ahead, and I sincerely hope  members of the Paddy syndicate, will, in the coming months / years, be well rewarded for their patience over the last few months..£504.90 in the pot already  !!!

TWO 10% shares available…but not for long.. if anyone`s interested.

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