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Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo >>>>>>>>>

An interesting headline you might think ?  weird maybe !  but please read on.

Romeo is not the name of my missing cat, …..I don`t have a cat, neither have I become obsessed with the works of the great Bard.

The simple answer is that after the sad demise of our flagship horse Delusionofgrandeur, I was given an instruction by my members to circumnavigate the UK in search of a horse to follow in the hoof steps of the great Delboy. Not an easy task.

My search eventually led me to George Nympton.

Who the hell you might ask is George Nympton ?

The answer is George Nympton is not a person at all, it is the name of a small farming village in Devon, and is the home of husband and wife racehorse trainers Nick and Jane Williams, who just happen to own and train (in Jane`s name) a 4yo…now 5yo by the name of ROMEO BROWN.

Romeo Brown is a 5yo gelding by Yeats, out of a mare called Santia(UK) and he has an unnamed unraced FULL 4yo brother that Harvey Smith bought at the sales at Doncaster in May last year.

I asked Harvey how much it would cost to to buy this then 3yo, but it was not for sale.

However the racing CV of his elder brother Romeo Brown, apparently  the name of a fictional comic detective strip published in the Daily Mirror from 1954 to 1962, was really so impressive, especially his win at Kelso in his first race over hurdles, I thought if Harvey`s  telling me I can`t have the younger brother, then lets see if Mr and Mrs Williams, down in Devon, would consider selling the older brother Romeo Brown to McGoldrick Racing.

I thus took the bull by the horns, picked up the phone, spoke to Mrs Williams, and after a short period of very amicable jousting over price, a sale was agreed, and the deal has now been successfully concluded.

Thus I can formally announce that after a thorough veterinary examination,  Romeo Brown is not living in Devon any more, Romeo Brown has now travelled to North Yorkshire and Romeo Brown, ready to race, is in the very capable hands of Philip Kirby.

As most were aware, Delusion was in 50 / 50 shared ownership between McGoldrick Racing and Phil Martin, but having spoken to Phil when I was about to start my search for another horse,  because of  existing circumstances with his own string of horses with Brian Ellison, on this occasion, he politely chose to opt out, but asked to be kept informed of any possible future purchases by McGoldrick Racing.

As a consequence, I explained the situation to Phil Kirby, who immediately said he believed he had just the right man to fill the void left by Phil Martins departure.

Enter Brian Connolly who part owns one of the best horses in Phil Kirbys yard….Nautical Nitwit, and  was looking to expand “Birrafun” the name under which his horses race.

Deal done…job done….shares all sold, including two new member to McGoldrick Racings small but loyal and dedicated group of National Hunt loving members.

Welcome indeed to our latest additions from Sheffield and Keighley.

Lets just hope there are plenty of good times ahead for Romeo Brown and “McGoldrick Racing 5 and Birrafun” members.



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