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Starboard Watch Stable Visit

Our 2yo filly Starboard Watch has been with James Given since the beginning of February, since when James has been slowly introducing her to her job of becoming a racehorse.

Her CV (breeding) was excellent, and from the frequent photos, plus updates from James, I was happy to let him get on with the job.

Her attitude has been excellent, and she has responded positively every time James has asked her work rider to step up her work.

So Friday 22nd April 2016 was the day we decided it was time to travel to Willoughton and be introduced to our filly.

Four of us were present….none of us had met before, but we soon began to be impressed with what we heard from James, AND what we saw of Starboard Watch both in appearance and in the fast gallop that followed.

It was especially pleasing when James commented on how much she had improved in her work, and how enthusiastic she was “now that the penny had dropped”…. readily  pulling away nicely from more experienced horse when asked to extend by her rider.

Mouth watering stuff indeed …of that we were all agreed.

The question had to be then asked …how soon will it be before we see her on a racecourse ?

Answer …words to the effect she will let us know when she`s ready, but end of May / early June would be a fair estimate.

Distance ?  Possibly 5f or maybe 6f to start with.

Photos were then taken, followed by a cup of tea / coffee and an enjoyable hour with James before it was time to leave.

Thanks to members present… Ian J, who didn`t have far to travel,  and especially Ian C, plus his wife Leanne for  making the long haul trip south from Renfrew in Scotland to Lincolnshire.

If, in conclusion, I`m allowed to wear my salesmans hat for a moment, there are still 3 X 10% shares available in Starboard Watch, and I would be delighted to receive enquiries from any interested party(s) on 07958 551089.


Richard Longley

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