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I`m a retired Leeds lad and every couple of months for many years now, me and three good mates, also retired, and also from Leeds, embark on a “Jolly Boys” cheap day pensioners return train trip, mainly to Skipton, where we have a few pints, good craic, ending with fish n chips at Bizzie Lizzies.

Then, around  6-30pm, fed and watered, it`s a short walk back to the station in as straight a line as possible, and back home.

Skipton has many pubs, and we`ve tried most of them, but as time evolved, one pub in particular, stood out…. the Yorkshire Rose on Coach Street.

Now Ive never been a "bitter" drinker, but my three mates definitely are, especially the real traditional Tetleys hand pulled cask bitter, dispensed by the autovac system, as used, and always will be used as long as landlord Steve is at the Yorkshire Rose.

Indeed, it`s a joyous work of art watching him and his staff pulling a pint of Tetleys, and I mean properly pulling a pint, which when first presented to the customer, looks as cloudy as hell, but gradually clears to become a wonderful, mouth watering crystal clear amber colour.

Boy, have I taken some stick over the years for drinking John Smiths Smooth from a keg.

Most  pubs serving Tetleys throughout the North, use a faster and easier method of dispensing the product, ie metered or pulled very carefully with just the  drip tray underneath to minimise waste, which is just NOT how Tetleys bitter is meant to be dispensed..

But what the hell has all this got to do with horseracing is the question you might now be asking. ?

Answer,  I`ve got to know Steve pretty well during our regular pilgrimages to Skiptons Tetley bitter land, and I knew he liked horseracing, and after casually showing him the video of our latest horse Paddy O`Mahler, his interest became shared by two of his regulars, and lo and behold, after a short discussion, we now have SIX new members in the McGoldrick Racing Paddy syndicate. So welcome on board Steve, Mike and another Richard, as well as David and Joan, and another John… with, as we speak, only TWO x 10% shares remaining.



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