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Becky can`t win without a jockey on her back

becky the thatcher


Well, well, well,  talk about the ups and downs of NH racing.

One day the euphoria of being in the winners enclosure, the next day an unseated rider at the first !!!!

Musselburgh Wednesday 14th Dec 2016.

All was going well….for the first ten seconds of the race anyway, after which an over enthusiastic Becky the Thatcher arrived at the first hurdle, stepped at it, stumbled on landing,  and bingo…..jockey Finn O`Toole was  unceremoniously dumped, and her unbeaten record went straight out of the window!

Not a lot to say really, except perhaps her commendable enthusiasm needs to be kept under restraint in the early stages of her race, until she has jumped a couple of hurdles to get her eye in so to speak.

Didn`t matter in her first race, because they crawled round for the first mile, and jumping was made easy, but this time it was reminiscent of the Grand National in the old days when the horses and riders went off so fast from the start, half of the field would fall at the first fence.

Shame really, because Micky had her in good shape.

Lets hope next time, lessons have been learned.

In conclusion, it was good to see Finn O` Toole get up ok, as Becky continued to race up with the pace minus her jockey, until she took a wrong turning and disappeared from view.


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