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Mr McGoldrick – Out for the season

becky the thatcher

Due to a nagging foot injury it has been decided to abandon any hope or prospect of McG racing again this season.

He is extremely well in himself but for a while has been slightly lame in a front foot.  Veterinary examinations have shown nothing seriously amiss with the old boy, but the fact is he`s not right….end of story.

I had a long chat with Sue this morning and she is adamant it would be inappropriate at this stage to announce his retirement  because of his continuing, and seemingly endless enthusiasm for the job he does best.

So he will, for the next few months, remain under the watchful eyes of Sue and Harvey, begin his summer holiday a bit earlier than usual, after which, if the foot problem has been resolved by time, rest and patience, he may well come under starters orders again in a veterans race towards the back end of this year.

For those who may doubt the wisdom of postponing the decision of his retirement, needlessly prolonging the inevitable you might say,  let me say that Sue Smith thinks the world of McGoldrick , knows and understands him better than anyone, and I`m comfortable with leaving  McG`s racing future….if indeed he has one…at Sue`s discretion.

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