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Romeo…..A Members View

As mentioned in my earlier post, Russell, the honourable McGoldrick member from Mansfield, agreed to put his own thoughts into words regarding Romeo Brown, our latest, and most expensive purchase thus far, and his first race in our famous McGoldrick  colours.

Hope you enjoy sharing Russells views / comments on our latest big day out.

“I had been waiting with great excitement and anticipation for our new young horse Romeo Brown to make his debut for McGoldrick Racing. 

After watching him work on Phil Kirby’s splendid gallops the previous week, it was a case of his debut could not come too soon.

Finally the big day arrived, at Sedgefield, the course where I had my first ever winner, so that was a very positive sign, and the day did not disappoint. 
First though,we had to endure the drama of the dreaded early morning inspection, first one at 8am, then put back to 9am and then 10.30 before we got the green light and racing was on.
By that time myself and my fellow member John from Farnsfield had reached Wetherby on our journey along the A1 from deepest Nottinghamshire, so it was with great relief that we did not have to turn around and return home.
Upon arrival at Sedgefield, we received the normal warm welcome, and armed with our Racing Posts, owner’s wristbands, and most importantly our meal vouchers, we proceeded to the Owners and Trainers bar.
There we found a good table to base ourselves for the day, enjoy the hospitality of free tea and coffee, and relax and read our Racing Posts whilst waiting the arrival of the rest of the ‘team’.
First to arrive was our leader, Richard, who amazingly was early for once, followed by our longest standing member of McGoldrick Racing, Ged.
Ged was eagerly anticipating the prospect of the free two course meal provided for owners as part of the hospitality.
The food provided for owners and trainers at most racecourses has improved dramatically over the past few years and Sedgefield is no exception.
In my early days of being involved with race horse ownership it was just the tea & coffee plus a few biscuits if you were lucky.
Anyway the final two, and latest members to join our team, duly arrived. First ‘young’ Mark, then our first lady member Carol. Both really nice people who will fit in well with our merry band.
As Romeo was not running until the fifth race, we spent the afternoon enjoying the racing, backing a few losers in my case, getting to know our new members, and analysing our race, and how Romeo would perform.
We were also joined by our new trainer Phil Kirby, who was very approachable and easy to talk to.
At last race time arrived, so we proceeded down to the pre parade ring to get the first glimpse on a racecourse of our new superstar Romeo Brown. He did not disappoint, looking well turned out and very athletic.
Then after visiting the bookies for my usual ‘lucky’ cash bet on my horse, it was into the parade ring where our trainer and all other members were gathered. Phil shared with us his insight into the race and what the tactics would be.
Finally our jockey Sean Quinlan arrived, and after shaking everyone’s hand, proceeded to give his insight into the race also. Sean is a great guy, and I am so pleased that he is having an excellent season, receiving rides from many different trainers. He did us a great service in the past riding our beloved and much missed Delusionofgrandeur. 
The bell then went and Sean received ‘the leg up’.
The betting market had indicated that it would be a three horse race and that is how it panned out, with Romeo, the second favourite and the favourite kicking clear in the final stages. They also finished in betting order with Romeo coming home safely in third.
After hurdling slickly, Romeo made a mistake at the second last, so Sean brought him home in his own time, and did not give him too hard a race. I think the winner will turn out to be a very good horse.
Then after the race all the members waited at the third place pole in the parade ring to be given the usual informative feedback from Sean – “he travelled and jumped well, did not like the tacky ground, would be better on quicker, or softer or quicker etc etc”.
After more insight from Phil, and checking Romeo was okay, we returned to the owners bar. There we watched the rerun on the tv screens, further analysing the race.
Everyone agreed and was happy that we have a very good horse with exciting times ahead for us all.
Another great day out with McGoldrick Racing, and thanks to Richard, Phil & his team, Sean……. and of course,  Romeo”     

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